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Auctioneer Serving Southern Arizona

Bear brings thousands of items annually to the auction house in Downtown Willcox, welcoming auction-goers to a live experience.  In addition, the auction house may host onsite auctions at estates throughout Southern Arizona.

Check the schedule below to make sure you don't miss out on the thrill of an auction!

Upcoming Events

  • Sunsites/Pearce Auction - September 30
    Sunsites/Pearce Auction - September 30
    Sat, Sep 30
    Sep 30, 9:00 AM
    Willcox, Pearce, AZ 85625, USA
    Sep 30, 9:00 AM
    Willcox, Pearce, AZ 85625, USA
    September 30, 2023 will host an amazing auction here in Pearce (Sunsites) Arizona.
  • October 14 Auction Live in Willcox
    October 14 Auction Live in Willcox
    Sat, Oct 14
    Oct 14, 9:00 AM
    Willcox, 380 N Railroad Ave, Willcox, AZ 85643, USA
    Oct 14, 9:00 AM
    Willcox, 380 N Railroad Ave, Willcox, AZ 85643, USA
    Join Bear for a Fall Auction here in Willcox at Bear's Auction Yard.
  • Live in Willcox - Auction Time!
    Live in Willcox - Auction Time!
    Sat, Nov 04
    Nov 04, 9:00 AM
    Willcox, 380 N Railroad Ave, Willcox, AZ 85643, USA
    Nov 04, 9:00 AM
    Willcox, 380 N Railroad Ave, Willcox, AZ 85643, USA
    Get set for the gifting season with this huge Auction Live in Willcox.
  • What do you buy?
    The short answer is... everything! We have buyers for everything from microwaves to antiques and from DVDs to heavy equipment.
  • How do you buy?
    We can buy specific items (i.e. just the things we really want), specific rooms / buildings (i.e. everything in the shed), and whole estates (i.e. all contents but no permanent fixtures.) Price will vary based on the quantity and quality of the items as well as the amount of work (e.g. will things need to be cleaned in order to be sellable? how long will it take to pack up?).
  • If I want to sell something, what do I do?"
    You can always text a picture to (520) 709-8738 to get a quick, on the fly answer. When Bear is around, you are welcome to bring the items to one of our locations! If it is a lot of items or an entire estate, we are happy to set an appointment for a visit.
  • What do I need to do to be ready to sell?
    We know the seller is "ready to sell" when they are 100% clear on what is for sale and what is not. That often involves a bit of prep work on the part of the seller. Some of our past sellers have marked items that aren't available with blue tape or grouped them into one space.
  • Do I need to clean or organize the stuff that is for sell? Should I throw out the garbage?
    From our perspective, no! In fact, we prefer that you don't throw things away. Some things you may think of as worthless actually have value to us! For example, we use old photos as price tags. If you are comfortable selling it as is, we are happy to buy it as is! Also, please know that we have seen all kinds of environments...from hoarders to happy clutter to hyper tidy folks. We can handle whatever situation you have!
  • Can I donate to Bear's Vintage Thrift?
    Yes! We gratefully accept donations of all kinds and are blessed to pour back in the Willcox community in a variety of ways.
  • Do you do consignments?
    We tend to buy most of what we sell. There are a few exceptions so it is best to ask Bear! We do take consignments for the auction -- typically tools, equipment, vehicles and large items. Reach out for more information!
  • Where do you get your stuff?
    We buy from all over southern Arizona and in all sorts of venues! Since we have so many outlets to sell, we are buying daily!


380 N Railroad Ave
Willcox AZ 85643

(520) 709-8738

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