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Bear and Mary bring thousands of items annually to their auction house in Downtown Willcox, welcoming an ever growing client list to a friendly environment, as well as hosting onsite at estates throughout Southern Arizona.

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Auction FAQ

What order to do you go in?

The lots will be numbered -- starting with 1 and going up into the hundreds. That is the order that we will follow more or less! We estimate between 60 to 100 lots per hour. If you want to benchmark when to come for the items that you are interested in, that is a rough estimate!

When is preview?

Onsite preview is typically the Thursday and Friday prior to the Auction from 9am - 3pm. Plus, you are welcome to stop by as the auction approaches if the gate is open. But, please note, during set-up, items may move and be reorganized. Preview is a great time to inspect and test items! We sell items "as is" and do not guarantee condition. Online preview is also available on our website.

Can I register prior to the auction?

Yes! Registration is open during preview! Save a few minutes the morning of and complete registration in advance!

What do I need for registration?

If you are new to our auctions, please anticipate sharing your ID / driver's license with us. No deposits are required at this time.

When can I pick up the items I purchased?

Items are your responsibility once the gravel has dropped and you have purchased them. Items with a title require that the money has cleared before taking possession. After paying, you are welcome to take items with you the day of the auction. We are traditionally available the Monday and Tuesday following the auction from 9am - 3pm and by special appointment after that.

Can I consign items in the auction?

At the moment, we are only taking a limited number of consignments. If you are interested in talking about consignments, feel free to text Bear at (520) 709-8738.

Do you do proxy bids?  What is a proxy bid?

Yes, we will do a limited number of proxy bids if arrangements are made in advance, typically during preview. A proxy bid means the bidder is not in attendance and the auction house is bidding on behalf of the person. A deposit may be necessary for proxy bids.

Do you do on-site auctions?

We are open to on-site auctions but it requires some unique circumstances in order to make sense. Reach out to us to continue the conversation!

Can I have a permanent bidder number?

We are working on a system for our regulars to have permanent numbers -- be sure to check in if you are interested!

What forms of payment do you take?

We take cash, area checks with current identification, and credit / debit cards with a 3% convenience fee.

Is there food available onsite during the auction?

Yes! We do our best to ensure that basic food is available onsite, either by hosting someone in the snack shack or inviting a food truck.

Is there tax?

Yes, we charge associated taxes on your total sales (in Willcox: 9.1%.) If you have appropriate paperwork associated with tax exemption (i.e. re-sale), please bring a copy to leave on file.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

TERMS AND CONDITIONS By receiving a bidder number at time of registration, the bidder/buyer is indicating that they read and understand the following terms and conditions. THE BIDDER/BUYER AGREES TO BE RESPONSIBLE AND PAY FOR ALL PURCHASES. Return Policy All items are sold in “as is, where is” condition. Weight, size, estimated value, origin, grade, quality, age, condition, rarity, and importance are not guaranteed or implied for any item. It is the bidder’s responsibility to inspect all items to verify key elements including working condition, damage, and authenticity. Items will not be refunded due to differing Authenticators and Authentication opinions. All sales are final. No returns will be accepted. Once the item has been sold, it is the responsibility of the bidder/buyer to ensure its safety and condition. The bidder/buyer is responsible for payment once the sale is final and is advised to guard against loss, theft, or damage. Agreement to Pay
You must be registered to bid on items. By bidding, you are stating that you are ready and willing to purchase that item for your bid amount. If you are outbid, you are under no obligation to buy. In all other cases, you are entering into an agreement to buy the item, and to deliver payment by close of auction. If you cannot pay by close of auction, do not bid. Your bids are final and non-retractable. Bidder Registration
All persons who wish to bid in the auction must register by completing requested information on the bidder card. By accepting a bidder number, you acknowledge that you are binding yourself to this agreement. Bear’s Vintage Thrift reserves the right to refuse to register or admit any person at its sole discretion. Bidders must have a valid driver’s license and may be asked to show it upon registration or check-out. Bear’s Vintage Thrift reserves the right to request a deposit at any time (both prior and during the auction) as an indication of intent to pay.
The Bidder shall be responsible for protecting their bidder card and is responsible for any winning bids attributed to their bidder number. Lots and Starting Bids
Bear’s Vintage Thrift will predetermine the number of Item(s) in the auction and for the sake of convenience, may put numbers indicating the intended order of the auction. The auctioneer may change the indicated order as needed and at their discretion. Within the flow of the auction, Bear’s Vintage Thrift may combine, subdivide, regroup or reorganize any lots at its discretion. Withdrawing Items: Although not common, Bear’s Vintage Thrift maintains the right to withdraw any property before and during the sale of such property at its sole and complete discretion, to ensure reasons of fairness and to protect the client. Bidders are not allowed to reorganize lots and if discovered, may be asked to leave the auction, and not be permitted to participate in any future auctions. Any effort by a bidder that is perceived as sabotaging the auction process is cause to be asked to leave the auction and person may not be permitted to participate in any future auctions. On occasion, bidders may elect to “pull” a single item off of a larger lot for bidding. Because this practice slows the auction, the auctioneer may establish a higher opening bid. The auctioneer will set the starting bid on each item. The starting bid is designed to encourage bidding. Bidding Bear’s Vintage Thrift disclaims any liability for damages, whether direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental, resulting from bids not spotted, executed, or accepted. Bidders should be careful to bid on the correct lot and ensure that his/her bid is for the amount intended. Bear’s Vintage Thrift reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids or bidders. Disputes: The sale of a lot or item is complete when Bear’s Vintage Thrift and its auctioneer so announces. Bear’s Vintage Thrift, via the auctioneer, holds final authority on the winning bid and bidding number. Acceptance of Terms: A bid placed by any person shall be conclusive proof that he or she acquainted himself or herself with the terms and conditions of sale and agreed to be bound by such terms and conditions prior to placing any bid. Payment
Payment in full must be paid by Buyer in the form of cash, major credit card, and check (with qualifications) prior to any item being removed from the auction. Applicable taxes will be added to the total owed (unless such taxes are exempted by law in which proof of exemption must be provided and kept on file.) Bear’s Vintage Thrift does not charge a buyer’s premium. Convenience fees related to using a credit card may apply. Bear’s Vintage Thrift reserves the right to hold access to items until payment has cleared. This may include holding the title, keys, or keeping the property onsite until the bank can verify that payment is finalized. If any Bidder/Buyer does not pay Bear’s Vintage Thrift for any Item(s) within forty-eight (48) hours after the end of an Auction, Bear’s Vintage Thrift has the right to sell the items in another format. Failure to fulfill Buyer’s payment obligations will affect future bidding privileges. Pick-Up Bear’s Vintage Thrift will pre-determine and advertise the pick-up window for each auction, based on the factors like access to the property, security, and agreements with seller. Unclaimed items that remain after the pick-up window are considered abandoned and Bear’s Vintage Thrift may do with them as they see fit. Breach of Contract
If this Agreement, or any terms and conditions announced by Bear’s Vintage Thrift, are not complied with, in addition to other remedies available to the seller by law, including without limitation, the right to hold the Buyer liable for the bid price, Bear’s Vintage Thrift may: (1) publicly or privately resell the property, with the non-complying Buyer being held liable for the payment of any deficiency purchase price, plus all costs incurred; and/or (2) cancel the sale and retain as liquidated damages all payments made by the non-complying Buyer. Bear’s Vintage Thrift commissions, all incidental damages, expenses, court costs, costs of collection, and/or attorneys’ fees will be charged to and be the responsibility of the non-complying Buyer. Limitation of Liability
If any provision of this Agreement is declared or determined to be null, void, inoperative, illegal or invalid for any reason, the validity of the remaining parts, terms or provisions will not be affected thereby and they will retain their full force and effect, and said null, void, inoperative, illegal or invalid part, term or provision will not be deemed to be part of this Agreement.
Each party to this Agreement acknowledges that it has read, or has had the opportunity to read, the terms provided herein. The parties agree that this Agreement reflects the terms as agreed to by the parties hereto.




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